Oasis Preschool & Nursery

Oasis Preschool and Nursery provides a loving, safe, language rich environment for children to grow and learn. We provide high quality care for children birth through twelve years old. When you’re part of Oasis, you’re family! To find out more:  Call us at (540) 271-6461, Email us: OasisDayCareVa@gmail.com,  Check out website: OasisDayCare.Org,  Or Like our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/OasisDayCare

Kim Deavers is the Director of Oasis Preschool & Nursery. She has an Associate’s Degree in Child Development . Kim has twenty seven years of child care experience and worked as a teacher at Bridgewater Preschool and Bridgewater Church of the Brethren daycare center for the past 13 years.

Our Center is proud to be a vendor with the Department of Social Services. Any family needing assistance should check with your local Representative.
Social Services contacts:
Rockingham County: 540.574.5198 or 540.574.5197
Augusta county: 540.245.5800

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