New Creation


Our mission is to see every captive of Human Trafficking set free. We are called to intercede for the victims and fight for the eradication of trafficking in our valley, nation, and abroad. Our focus is to educate youth to prevent trafficking and draw in individuals to join this fight, by partnering with other organizations to see victims rescued and rehabilitated, and lastly help generate funds for our work with the New Creation Shoppe.  Every purchase at our shop fuels our mission. Our items include handmade accessories, home decor and furniture all repurposed to new life. We also carry a variety of jewelry, candles, and beauty products that have been created by trafficking survivors. To learn more, get involved, or view our items visit www.newcreationva.orgor “like” us on Facebook at


The scope of the human trafficking industry is startling with a UN study estimating over 1.39 million people in sexual servitude worldwide, not to mention those enslaved for other forms of labor.  Tragically, it is estimated that only 1-2% of these victims will be rescued.  The 13th amendment abolished slavery in the US in 1865, but FBI statistics show over 17,500 victims are trafficked in this country every year, and one-third of those victims are American citizens. Many of the targets in this country are young and troubled and most US victims end up in some form of sexual slavery.  Other victims of trafficking will find themselves forced into labor in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, domestic service, and health care.


We are a Christian organization committed to the eradication of human trafficking through concerted effort with other groups.  There are already many non-profit organizations making huge strides in combating human trafficking.  By partnering with those groups to combine and share resources, we will achieve a multi-faceted approach to fight this disgrace.  We have four primary focuses in turning our righteous rage into seeing captives set free!

  • Rehabilitate – Once these victims are rescued ourprimary focus is to see them restored to mentally, physically, and spiritually healed…New Creations. Currently there are less than 100 beds nationwide for rescue victims. Given the 17,500 new victims each year, the need for expanded shelter and rehabilitation facilities is beyond emergent.
  • Advocate/Educate – We want to make our collective voice heard by developing programs to not only shed light on this industry but also educate the masses. We plan to teach people how to prevent trafficking and how to get involved in our fight while building awareness of how we may be inadvertently supporting this slave enterprise.
  • Generate – We have found a void in the non-profit realm that we intend to fill.  Many organizations rely entirely fundraising and the generosity of others. We intend to create a marketplace to support our mission where every purchase, every customer, andevery volunteer serve a vital role in spreading our mission. Our market will feature items created by other non-profit organizations, as well as our ownNew Creations. Our items will vary from accessories to home décor; all up-cycled merchandise that we have created and repurposed to new life. The work in our market serves as a simple picture of our hope to help make new creations out of the lives of these victims.
  • Eradicate – To see human trafficking abolished, our laws need to reflect a new perspective on the problem. By partnering with organizations that focus on lobbying legislators, we believe that we can change the way that we prosecute prostitution in the United States. Our heart’s cry is to see these victims saved instead of incarcerated. By changing our laws to focus the prosecution on the traffickers andpurchasers we can change the game. By eliminatingthe demand you are able to free the supply. That supply is a group of precious lives complied of someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s everything.